Refill Instructions For Ricoh Aficio® 1075 Print Unit

Required Tools:
1.) Flathead screwdriver
2.) Phillips head screwdriver
3.) Vacuum cleaner with toner-approved filter
4.) Can of compressed air
5.) Cotton swabs
6.) Kim wipes or lint-free cloths
7.) White lithium grease
Optional: Powered screwdriver with flathead-type bit
I. Disassembly of PCU
A. Lie PCU on top of clean sheet of paper
B. Using a small flathead screwdriver, pry off developer hopper cover
C. Pry off photoreceptor/charge roller cover
D. Lift and remove charge roller
E. Pull off drive gear and unscrew (2) and remove corresponding side piece of PCU
F. Unscrew (1) and remove spring assembly on opposite side of PCU
G. Unscrew (1) and remove metal plate behind it
H. Carefully remove spring-loaded photoreceptor cover
I. Carefully remove photoreceptor, cover and store in safe location
J. Remove magnetic roller and turn shaft so as to remove developer
K. Vacuum remaining carrier off magnetic roller
L. Unscrew (2) and remove cleaning blade
M. Lightly vacuum off cleaning blade and recycled toner hopper
N. Unscrew (2) and pry off developer auger cover
O. Unscrew (2) and remove recycling unit cover
P. Turn PCU upside down to dump out current developer
Q. Remove developer augers and vacuum out entire PCU
II. Preparation, Assembly and Installation of new Developer
A. Vacuum off developer augers
B. Remove bushings and gears from developer augers
C. Clean bushings and gears with compressed air and a cotton swab
D. Clean shafts with a kim wipe then apply white lithium grease
Note: The application of grease reduces friction between gear and shaft, reducing the torque
required to mix the developer and thus promoting a longer gear life
E. Place bushing and gears back on developer augers
F. Install developer augers
Note: Upon the reinsertion of any gears and bushings into the PCU, be sure to blow out any
remaining carrier from between the teeth of the gears and also the locations in which
the gears and bushings are seated. This ensures a smooth meshing of gears and
prevents wear. If any carrier is left between gears the gears will either seize up or their teeth will
break off.
G. Screw (2) recycling unit cover back on

H. Snap on and screw (2) on developer auger cover
I. Remove gears from magnetic roller and blow clean with compressed air
J. Clean and grease shafts of magnetic roller
K. Place gears back on magnetic roller
L. Install magnetic roller in PCU
M. Screw (2) on cleaning blade
N. Carefully wipe photoreceptor clean and place back in PCU
Note: Place a protective sheet underneath PCU to avoid damaging it
O. Orient New PCU Detection Mechanism back into reset position and screw (2) on PCU side
Note: This semi-gear type mechanism is located on the same end of the PCU as the drive
gear and must be moved to the position it was in when the PCU was brand new.
Images 1 and 2 show incorrect and correct orientation of this mechanism,
respectively. (It is the piece with a backwards capital L on it.)

P. On opposite side of PCU, screw (1) on metal plate, then screw (1) on spring assembly
Q. Install spring-loaded photoreceptor cover
R. Install charge roller (if contaminated with toner clean first with water-dampened cloth)
S. Snap on photoreceptor/charge roller cover
T. Install main drive gear
U. While turning drive gear, load in new developer (345g)
Note: Rotating the developer augers while loading the developer cycles the developer
throughout the PCU and ensures an even distribution. Using a powered screwdriver with
a flathead type bit makes turning the drive gear considerably easier and faster.
V. Snap on developer hopper cover