What Are The Important Properties Of Toner Need To Know

In order to secure our quality toner products, there are some important properties of toner our customers need to know.


  1. They are different in term of electrical charges. They have positive charge and negative charge.

    Ex. IR8500, IR7200, IR7105,----etc. are positive charged toners and Ex. IR1600, IR3570, IR5000,----etc. are negative charged toners.

    It is rather important that Negative toner never can mix with Positive toner or either way. The reason is simple because when they mix up together then it will neutralize the electrical charge and cause a defective print quality. So, it is very important that we can not contaminate toner, when we handle our toner for refilling or mixing. It means when we do the toner jobs we have to make sure to clean up those machine and make it clean for working environment.

  2. The other factor will hurt the toner quality is higher humidity. Any powder toner all the same, like a flour, it very scare of moisture condition inside our working rooms.


So we have to control our store condition, by using Temp. and R.H. meter, as follow:

  • Room Temperature: Must less than 30C.

  • Room Relative Humidity: Must below 70%.